Established in Feb’2017 in India
About Armita india
Armita India Shipping Pvt Ltd., Established in Feb’2017 in India. Armita India Shipping Pvt Ltd., brings to its customers a vast, global shipping operations experience, plus the advantage of its own fleet of container ships of varied capacities and sizes with dedicated weekly service into India.
With these twin advantages, Armita India endeavours to bring into its fold, those customers, who demand an expedited and guaranteed service from major ports in western India to commercially vital ports in Persian Gulf, Far East, South East Asia, North Europe & Mediterranean sea ports.
The Service offering will be active mainly to and from KCIT (Kandla) / NSICT (Nhava Sheva) & Kolkata
What We Offer
Our Services
Port Agency
Providing Agency service for all types of vessels in all Indian ports...Know More
Freight Forwarding
We provide dedicated sea freight forwarding services throughout...Know More
Handling logistic service for principals at most ports of India...Know More
Offering suitable tonnage for handling most type of bulk, break -bulk...Know More
Why Armita india
Timely Customer Service
We understand the importance of time for our clients. Hence we provide best services before time.
Local know how supported
with global insight
We assist our customers at every step. Therefore, our customer services are top-notch.
Well informed and
professional team
We have a great team of professionals on board that will tend to all the needs of our customers with expertise.
Network of fully functional
offices across India
Our network of offices is across the country. We will provide the best service wherever you are.
our network

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Armita India Shipping Pvt Ltd.,
409, Satellite Gazebo , B-Wing,
Chakala, Andheri East,
Mumbai 400099. India.
Nhava sheva
M/s Armita India Shipping Pvt.Ltd. &
3rd Floor, Office No. C-316,
NMSEZ Building, Dronagiri Uran,
Navi Mumbai, Raigad,
Maharashtra, 400707
Armita India Shipping Pvt Ltd.,
Office No.104, First Floor,
Riddhi Siddhi Arcade,
Plot No.13, Sector No.8,
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